Wear it With Pride

Claude Abittan 

Chunky sterling sliver, hand antiquing, gold vermeil, sumptuous, soft leather – European style meets Canadian ingenuity in an eclectic and exotic mix.

Meet Claude

Claude Signature and Logo

Claude Abittan, a visionary jewelery designer, found his creative haven in Toronto, Canada in the early 1980s. His artistic journey began with making unique belts and clothing, eventually evolving into the intricate world of handmade jewelery.  

Blending innovation with old-world craftsmanship, Claude's organic designs have graced numerous publications, showcasing his exceptional talent. 

Transitioning seamlessly into the realm of MedicAlert, Claude brings his distinctive touch to the Designer Collection. His philosophy is encapsulated in the quote, “I try to think of everything when I am designing a piece. Who will wear it? What do they need? Why do they want to wear it? What can I do that is so beautiful and unique for each person," and reflects his commitment to understanding the wearer's needs and creating something that they will cherish for many years. 

The "Comfort" bracelet from the MedicAlert Designer Collection epitomizes Claude's thoughtful approach. Crafted with a soft leather strap and a discreet sterling silver X clasp, it embodies elegance while catering to those with arthritis or mobility challenges. Claude's dedication to accessibility is evident as he meticulously crafted multiple prototypes to ensure the highest quality for each piece. 

In Claude's words, "I like creativity. I like clever design. I want my designs to stand the test of time." This sentiment underscores his commitment to producing timeless pieces for MedicAlert, recognizing the importance of daily wear and the enduring impact of his creations on those who rely on them.