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MedicAlert is so much more than an ID.

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First responders look for a MedicAlert ID at pulse points around your neck or wrist. Every year, we train thousands of first responders on our Look - Read - Call protocol.

Access to your medical information enables emergency responders to treat you efficiently.


Custom engraving on your ID alerts our first response partners to your conditions, illnesses, allergies, medications, or devices. Your unique subscriber number ensures that first responders have access to your full Personal Health Record when needed.

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The MedicAlert Emergency Response Line staffed by our team gives 24/7 access to your in-depth health information when first responders need it. And if your community has our Connect Protect Program, then local 911 dispatch operators ensure that their teammates get your health information and can provide fast, fully-informed assistance to give you better care outcomes.

Our Plans Include

Personalized Record

  • Medically-validated 1,500+ data point Personal Health Record
  • Unlimited free updates to your record 

24/7 Coverage

  • 24/7 Response Team for emergency response
  • 24/7 wandering support
  • 24/7 de-escalation support

Notification Services

  • Family notification service
  • Physician notification service


  • Photographs for identification purposes
  • Condition-specific medical IDs (ask a MedicAlert Customer Service Representative)

First Responder Recognition

  • Connect Protect First Responder Program (available in certain areas)
  • Provincial No CPR Program (British Columbia only)

Exclusive Offers

  • Special programs and discounts with our partners
  • Custom content, including webinars with leading health experts from across Canada
  • Custom-developed education programs to support individuals living with a variety of health conditions

Research Opportunities

  • Opportunity to participate in health system research


  • Advocacy in support of people with chronic conditions

I just came off the phone with a young lady named Eman, and I have had terrific service from her. She’s just been so helpful, especially with the new system coming in. She’s has been pleasant, just absolutely wonderful, you couldn’t ask for a better employee!

A Longtime MedicAlert Subscriber

Every time I call MedicAlert I have wonderful people on the line that I speak with. They are very kind. Today I spoke with Voula. She was very kind, pleasant and made your experience with MedicAlert perfect. 

MedicAlert Subscriber

I had the pleasure to talk to Sabina. It was excellent, top-notch service. She is professional, made good suggestions, helped with the update of my file and answered my questions. She is friendly and a is a really great asset for MedicAlert!

A Happy MedicAlert Subscriber