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The World’s #1 Most Trusted Medical ID for a Reason!

There's only one MedicAlert.

Make no mistake about it. MedicAlert saves lives!

For more than three generations, hundreds of thousands of Canadians have relied on MedicAlert to speak for them in any health emergency. Reliable. Steadfast. When seconds count. We speak when you can’t. 

We are the ORIGINAL and ONLY Medical ID service trusted by every Canadian First Responder.  

You can trust us, too.  

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Ask Those Who Know

Headshot picture of member Andrea

“Never take your bracelet off.”

Just ask Andrea, she knows what it means to have a health emergency.

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“Given my condition, having MedicAlert as part of my tool kit for good health is the smartest thing I can do to stay safe.”

Just ask Alex, whose doctor missed a critical piece of information when preparing for surgery.

Headshot picture of member Jean

“Did you find her?”

Just ask Tracy, whose mom wandered away for 17 hours.

Trusted exclusively by Canada’s First Responders

MedicAlert fills a critical gap in the health system to ensure health information is instantly available for health care providers, triage nurses, paramedics, fire, and police first responders in time of emergency. We are the only medical ID that supports Canadians with 24/7 special hotline for paramedics, police, and emergency responders to get access to our clients detailed medical profile in English and French and the only medical information service endorsed by all of Canada’s national first response organizations – The Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, the Canadian Association of Fire Chiefs, and the Paramedic Association of Canada. 

Hear why from frontline Paramedic Morgan 

Hear why from well-known Canadian physician and patient advocate Dr. Mike Evans 

A word from our President & CEO
a 40+ Year MedicAlert Subscriber