Vulnerable Persons Registry

MedicAlert works with all three levels of government to bring about change to our health care and emergency response systems to ensure people are safe when they are at their most vulnerable. 
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What does it mean to be a “vulnerable person”? In a sense, we are all vulnerable—we are vulnerable to illness and disability, to cognitive decline, to fear and grief, even to poverty, hunger and homelessness. And while 38% of adults living in Canada identify as someone who is vulnerable, officially, there is no single national definition of what it means to be vulnerable in the context of health care and public safety let alone an integrated national support system. 

 There are many reasons why a national Vulnerable Persons Registry is urgently needed. After more than two years of a global pandemic, we all understand how quickly life can turn, especially for those living with health conditions. More natural disasters driven by climate change, an aging population, the growing incidence of dementia and chronic disease – these and many other factors make our vision urgent.  

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