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Corrine Anestopoulos 

A modern yet nostalgic twist on the classic MedicAlert pendant available in an adjustable lariat, classic collar and beautiful bracelet in both rhodium plate and gold plate. 

Meet Corrine

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Corinne Anestopoulos

Corrine Anestopoulos is driven by two things – meaningful collaborations and Made in Canada. 

When the Toronto-based designer and founder of BIKO jewelry brand was approached to create a piece for MedicAlert’s first-ever designer collection, she jumped at the opportunity. 

“It's the ultimate marriage of fashion, form and function,” says Anestopoulos.

Designing jewelry since 2005, Corrine has worked with retailers such as Nordstrom and Hudson’s Bay, celebs such as Shakira and Marsha Gay Harden, and publications such as Glamour, ELLE and WWD to name a few. More than anything, however, she’s driven by partnerships that give back, like her collaborations with Rethink Breast Cancer and the Marsha P. Johnson Institute.

“The fact that MedicAlert is lifesaving,” she says, “I can't imagine a deeper purpose to be involved with.” 

The other thing Corrine is passionate about beyond collaborations, it’s the importance of “made in Canada” pieces. Like many Canadian designers, Anestopoulos conceptualizes her pieces at her studio in Toronto’s Junction neighbourhood, once named one of the 50 coolest neighborhoods in the world by the New York Times. Unlike many designers, she makes her pieces here, too, staying true to her Toronto roots and her passion for everything local. 

Corrine feels a deep connection to the work we do at MedicAlert. It’s the reason why the designer was keen to share her top-selling Arden design with the MedicAlert cause... but with a twist. She’s traded the original Arden charm for an organic take on the classic MedicAlert medallion. It’s the perfect fusion of Corrine’s modern yet nostalgic designs with the practicality of MedicAlert. It’s wearable art with a deeper purpose.

When you step out in Corrine’s Arden MedicAlert design, she hopes you feel empowered and inspired to put your best foot forward with peace of mind. 

“I love what jewelry can do for you. It has the power to transform your mood, to lift you up, to brighten your day,” says Corrine. “Adding MedicAlert to the mix takes that to an entirely new level.”