The Future of Primary Care in Canada

More than 6.5 million people in Canada don’t have access to primary care. As more doctors retire and our population grows and ages, the situation is poised to get worse.  

 President & CEO, Leslie McGill, is joined by OurCare Principal Investigator, Dr. Tara Kiran, for an important conversation about health care in Canada.  

Launched in 2022, OurCare is a national initiative to engage the public in co-creating the blueprint for a stronger, more equitable primary care system in Canada.  

Learn why Dr. Kiran and her colleagues share a hopeful vision for the future where patients are advocates for the system they want, health care professionals and their associations get on board with the concept of true co-creation, educators support the concept, and both public servants and politicians become more accountable to patients and their needs. 

Join us as we discuss the results of the OurCare national survey, and the policy changes that are needed to shape the system for a better future.