Lions Clubs of Canada Reach $500,000 Donation Milestone for No Child Without®

The MedicAlert Foundation Canada and the Lions Clubs of Canada celebrate a major donation milestone this month as the Lions Clubs surpasses $500,000 raised to support the No Child Without program. 

The Lions Clubs of Canada joined forces with  MedicAlert Foundation Canada five years ago  to protect elementary-school-aged children from unforeseen medical emergencies through the No Child Without program.

Through this school-based program, children ages 4 - 14 with pre-existing medical conditions or allergies receive a free MedicAlert ID and membership, ensuring that those who need it will have access to the student’s vital health information during a medical emergency. 

 “The Lions Clubs of Canada are proud to be able to play a role in expanding the No Child Without program and to make it available in schools across the country,” shares Lion Terry Graham who helped forge the partnership between both charitable organizations back in 2007.

 “By partnering with local Lions Clubs to bring No Child Without to schools in each community where Lions Clubs are active, we are helping to protect the lives and health of the children in each community,” notes Robert Ridge, President & CEO of the MedicAlert Foundation Canada. “The No Child Without program wouldn’t be nearly as far reaching without the Lions Clubs’ overwhelming generosity and for that we are truly grateful.”

In the event of a medical emergency, the MedicAlert service immediately notifies parents when the Emergency Hotline receives a call about their child. Many parents of children who wear MedicAlert IDs have found it reassuring to know that they will be informed if their child has had a medical emergency and that proper care was quickly provided.

“As most parents know, children with medical conditions may be at risk whenever they leave their home. Parents worry a great deal about how their child will communicate their medical condition in a crisis,” said Robert Ridge.

The MedicAlert No Child Without program focuses on children who suffer from allergies like peanuts, childhood diabetes and asthma, and also helps children with other pre-existing medical conditions.  Across Canada, at least 10 per cent of children have a condition that warrants MedicAlert protection.

The goal of the No Child Without program is to provide elementary students across the nation with a MedicAlert bracelet or necklace custom-engraved with the child’s medical information, member ID and the MedicAlert 24-hour Emergency Hotline number.  By calling the unique emergency hotline, school staff or health care providers have immediate access to vital information from the child’s electronic health record, including existing medical conditions, current medications, allergies, special needs, and physician and family contacts.