Owen Sound Police Service announces partnership with MedicAlert Foundation Canada through “MedicAlert Connect Protect” service

“In any emergency, it’s important to remember that every second counts,” said Chief Bill Sornberger. “MedicAlert Connect Protect allows our officers access to real-time data ensuring the safety of our residents, whether it be an autistic child or senior living with dementia. This partnership allows us to continue providing the most effective and appropriate resources to enhance the overall wellbeing and safety of Owen Sound and community of Grey and Bruce Counties.” 

MedicAlert Connect Protect gives police officers direct 24-hour access to a registered MedicAlert subscriber’s photo, identity and other vital emergency information through their MedicAlert ID. This information will help officers conduct their search more efficiently, ensuring those who have gone missing are reunited with their loved ones sooner. This will also give officers further insight when called to an emergency involving a MedicAlert subscriber, equipping them with vital information necessary to achieve positive outcomes and save lives. 

Today’s announcement demonstrates the police services’ commitment in exploring new technology and innovating strategies to meet the ever changing needs of the community. 
“It’s critical that we’re able to find and recognize wandering or unidentified people as quickly and efficiently as possible, both to protect our subscribers and also to save police resources,” explains Robert Ridge, President and CEO of MedicAlert. “Without MedicAlert Connect Protect, police are forced to spend time trying to figure out who these people are and what there special needs might be. By equipping these individuals with MedicAlert IDs with protection services and providing officers access to this service, we are saving valuable time and unnecessary worry for family members and caregivers.”
How does the service work?

The program works two ways. Once signed up with a MedicAlert service plan, the subscriber  receives a medically-reviewed custom-engraved  MedicAlert medical ID, featuring a unique MedicAlert ID number. If this person wanders, their caregiver can call police and reference the MedicAlert ID number. Via a link to MedicAlert up-to-date database, the officer can instantly access descriptive information and even data about past wandering tendencies helping to locate the wandering individual. Secondly, when a lost or non-communicative person is found wearing the MedicAlert ID, police will be able to directly access the MedicAlert database, immediately identifying and reuniting them with their loved ones faster.