Edmonton Paramedic Honoured with ‘Legends of the Call’ award


An Edmonton paramedic is being recognized by MedicAlert Foundation Canada and the Paramedic Chiefs of Canada. Sean Vesak of Alberta Health Services has received the “Legends of the Call Award” that recognizes emergency responders who go above and beyond the call of duty and follow the MedicAlert Look, Read, Call procedure:

Look: to see if a patient is wearing a MedicAlert ID.

Read: the engraving on the back of the MedicAlert ID to learn vital information about the patient’s allergies and medical conditions.

Call: the unique MedicAlert 24/7 emergency hotline to reach a live MedicAlert agent for the patient-provided full medical history.

Vesak arrived on scene to find a teenager in a confused state after experiencing a seizure.  Fortunately, the youth was wearing a MedicAlert ID — indicating that he had epilepsy.  Vesak called the MedicAlert 24/7 Hotline number engraved on the back of the ID and gained access to the member’s complete medical profile and emergency contact information which enabled him to reunite the patient with his mother.

“My biggest fear is that Daniel will have a seizure when I am not around, but he’s an independent teenager so I know I can’t always be by his side,” says Karen Steinbring, mother of Daniel Dusang, a MedicAlert member.  “Wearing a MedicAlert ID gives me peace of mind that he will have a voice if he can’t speak for himself or if I’m not there to speak for him.”

“During a medical emergency, it’s crucial that we understand our patient’s condition and needs as quickly as possible which is where MedicAlert IDs come into play — particularly if they’re scared, confused or unable to speak for themselves,” says Vesak.
“MedicAlert provides instant access to critical information which is why we encourage paramedics to follow Look, Read, Call protocol during every emergency,” adds PCC President Darren Sandbeck.