London Police Service Partners with MedicAlert to Share Critical Information

The LPS is joining a growing number of policing agencies that have partnered with MedicAlert Foundation Canada across Canada. It has already proven effective in assisting individuals living with autism, Alzheimer’s, dementia, fetal alcohol spectrum disorders, mental health related issues, and cognitive brain injuries.
“This is going to give our officers access to valuable information when time is of the essence,” said Deputy Chief Stuart Betts. “When we are searching for missing vulnerable people, it is critical to have as much information as possible about their circumstances and this is a great community partnership that will give us quick access to that information for those who are registered.”

MedicAlert Connect Protect provides police officers 24/7 access to a subscriber’s emergency profile. This service will enable frontline officers to access critical intelligence including a recent photo, physical descriptions, wandering history, behaviour management strategies such as anxiety triggers and de-escalation techniques, as well as caregiver information.

“MedicAlert is a vital link between first responders and the community when faster, informed action makes all the difference and we are honoured to assist police services across the country,” said Françoise Faverjon-Fortin, CEO of MedicAlert Foundation Canada.

MedicAlert is holding a registration session today until 6:00 p.m in the Community Room at London Police Headquarters. For more information on the MedicAlert Connect Protect service, visit