The secret to living is giving: “How open-heart surgery inspired me to live a philanthropic life”

Peter-FindleyHaving open-heart surgery has improved MedicAlert Subscriber Peter Findlay’s life, and he now has the energy to live his life more freely. After having his aortic valve replaced, Peter decided to sign up for MedicAlert to ensure he was protected in case a medical emergency happened.

“After my open-heart surgery, I was very concerned about future complications”, Peter says. “I just wanted to get back to living my old ‘normal’ life, but I was anxious about suffering a health emergency and how anyone would help me. How would they know my previous health issues if I collapsed? I’m grateful for Medicalert, as my health information is on my MedicAlert ID, and I know that there is the 24/7 live hotline that anyone can call if I do have a medical emergency. It gives me the confidence and security I need to perform my regular everyday duties.”

The benefit and peace of mind that a MedicAlert provides was so valuable to Peter, he was moved to become a donor to MedicAlert’s Charitable Foundation to help others in need.

“I donate because the security of the program is an important part of living with heart disease”, Peter says. “I was especially motivated because MedicAlert is a vital and important service that needs and deserves support, especially during these times with COVID-19 affecting Canadians across the nation.”

Peter is active in the MedicAlert community and is a strong advocate as a subscriber and donor. “I want to help others who are less fortunate and unable to afford the vital service that MedicAlert provides. If I can help give someone peace of mind and confidence to live freely, that’s fantastic! But knowing that wearing a MedicAlert ID could be the difference between life and death for someone and could save their life is truly rewarding.”

Donating helps provide a MedicAlert subscription to protect vulnerable community members living with various diseases who cannot afford the service due to financial hardship.

Your donation could make a life-saving difference to someone who is struggling with financial hardship and in need of membership assistance.

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