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We are currently experiencing higher than normal call volume. Please expect longer wait times.
When you call in, please feel free to take advantage of the call back feature to keep your place in queue.
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One Word: MedicAlert


Grace, 11 years old

I remembered I felt so relieved



I'm here and without this bracelet, I wouldn't be


Congestive Heart Failure

I have 2 life savers: One is MedicAlert; the other is my implant


Worst Nightmare

I can't imagine being without my MedicAlert bracelet


Good Catch

It's so much more than a bracelet


No Child Without

There's no one else that has that type of record that's linked to a bracelet






Every day we hear from MedicAlert subscribers of all ages and walks of life who share their MedicAlert stories. Here are a few…

Angelica Jacobs

Everything happened so fast – I was scared and wanted to make sure I was protected.

Angelica Jacobs Toronto, ON
Type 1 Diabetes

Angelica Jacobs will always remember the whirlwind week when she was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.

It was by pure coincidence that, in 2011, the young running enthusiast was participating in a medical research study when study organizers discovered her blood glucose levels were alarmingly high. Angelica went straight to the nearest hospital emergency room where a nurse confirmed her diagnosis. This same nurse immediately recommended that she become a MedicAlert member.

“Within one week I went from being a healthy, very active person to being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, to sitting in a MedicAlert office,” says Angelica. “Everything happened so fast – I was scared and wanted to make sure I was protected. Learning about the services MedicAlert provides was a great source of comfort.”

With her parents living in another country, Angelica’s biggest concern was that she would find herself alone with no one to speak on her behalf, let alone notify her parents, during an emergency. The unique MedicAlert 1-800 hotline enables paramedics to access a database with her complete medical history. In addition, through MedicAlert’s family member notification service, her parents would be immediately contacted during an emergency to make them aware of the situation.

As a runner, Angelica is glad that MedicAlert is there for her so she can continue to live the healthy, active life she wants.

“While I love running, I was still hesitant to compete in a really strenuous race, such as Tough Mudder. Running through obstacles for 17 kilometers would take a serious toll on my blood sugar levels and I didn’t want to risk it, so this year I went only to cheer on my friends. While there, I spoke with the on-site paramedics and found out that they were well-aware of the MedicAlert service. They told me that they always look for a MedicAlert ID when responding to an emergency,” she says. “Because of this, I’ve signed up to run the race next year.”

“In addition to knowing that emergency responders are trained to look for MedicAlert, all of my friends are too. They all know that I wear a MedicAlert ID and how they can use it to help save my life,” she says. “Aside from MedicAlert offering invaluable protection, I also get lots of compliments on my Swarovski ID bracelets! I couldn’t decide which one I liked better, so I got an assortment, including a bright red sports band that has great visibility for when I’m running or playing other sports.”

Louisa Soares Harper

...another person who will be there for me when I need it – which is everyday of my life!

Louisa Soares Harper Toronto, ON

Louisa Soares Harper has learned to smile through her pain. Living with Fibromyalgia means living with day to day chronic pain. Fibromyalgia is a disease that affects the Central Nervous System. Louisa’s symptoms are highly unpredictable; they include chronic migraines, fainting spells, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, arthritis, endometriosis, and the list grows daily. Louisa must have daily tests done to monitor her condition closely. The pain is so great, that Louisa must use a cane to walk, and even then mobility can seem unbearable.

A few years ago, her dog Jack (pictured here) thankfully came into her life. Jack is not a trained working dog; however, he has learned to help Louisa with her mobility issues. Jack allows Louisa to lean on him as she goes about her daily activities. He sets up squeaky toys around the house, so he can hear when she wants to move. Jack has also saved Louisa’s life, cushioning her head from hitting the pavement after a dizzy spell.

But Jack can’t speak for Louisa. Often, Louisa is not able to explain if she’s feeling ill, and because her symptoms are so varied and unpredictable, she never knows what’s going to happen to her. Because of her pain, Louisa is not able to work. She is not able to afford the critical service, but she is just one of many Canadians who desperately need our services. So, Dr. Dave recommended Louisa to MedicAlert for the Membership Assistance story.

Becoming a MedicAlert member means so much to Louisa. Louisa sees MedicAlert as, “another person who will be there for me when I need it – which is everyday of my life!” It relieves her stress, knowing that if she goes in public and has an emergency situation, she can simply flash her MedicAlert necklace and anyone who needs it can access her Personal Record. Louisa’s MedicAlert membership gives her a new sense of freedom. She no longer has to explain her multiplicity of problems to every person, paramedic or doctor who needs to know about her health conditions.

With MedicAlert on her side, Louisa’s support group and world are expanding. Louisa wanted to give thanks to her “new brother” David Monnette, and Teresa, friends that have always been there for her. She was also thrilled about the awareness that MedicAlert is bringing to Fibromyalgia, a disease many people and doctors still do not understand.

Thank you to our members, our generous donors who keep these vital programs alive. It is through your kind donations that MedicAlert is able to assist people who need the freedom and peace of mind we provide. We (and you!) speak for Louisa.

Elizabeth Triggs

It's a frightening situation to find yourself in.

Elizabeth Triggs Vancouver, BC
Addison’s disease

In her 47-year career, Elizabeth Triggs has travelled the world, so she expected her recent flight to be uneventful. However, an hour into the flight, she began feeling lightheaded. She told a flight attendant that she might pass out. She did.

Elizabeth’s blackout was caused by Addison’s disease, where the body’s adrenal glands don’t produce enough hormones. Daily medication helps, but symptoms can be sudden. All it takes is a drop in blood pressure, blood glucose and/or heart rate to result in a blackout or even death.

“It’s a frightening situation to find yourself in,” says Elizabeth. However, her MedicAlert membership saved the day. “Without the information engraved on my MedicAlert bracelet, I doubt the doctor and flight crew would have known the cause.” They were able to get her medication from her handbag and administer it immediately.

It’s not the first time MedicAlert has come through. Three years ago, Elizabeth was in a car crash and her stress level was sky-high, worsening her Addison’s symptoms. The paramedics on the scene called the MedicAlert 24-hour Emergency Hotline where, Elizabeth says, “MedicAlert talked the paramedics through the steps to monitor me before transferring me to the hospital for assessment. The accuracy of the medical information and its near instant availability is truly amazing.”

Rob Burrough

Big explanations are impossible when I can’t breathe.

Rob Burrough Kapuskasing, ON
Severe Asthma

Rob is a young, talented skier ranked 15th in Ontario. He practices eight hours a day, four times a week, and whips down hills at speeds up to 95 miles per hour. But his asthma is so severe that his MedicAlert bracelet reads, "severe asthma – immediate hospitalization." In an asthma attack, he has seven minutes to get treatment or he could die. So Rob's MedicAlert bracelet is always on. "When I get teachers, coaches or race coordinators who don't understand what's wrong, I show them the ID bracelet and they call 911," Rob explains. "Big explanations are impossible when I can't breathe." Protected by MedicAlert, Rob is a fearless athlete as he conquers new slopes.

Lindsay Scallion

Her bracelet helps us feel secure when she's not with us.

Lindsay Scallion Halifax, NS
Latex Allergy

When Lindsay was eight years old, she participated in a neighbourhood cleanup. The kids were given latex gloves, and Lindsay blew hers up with her mouth like a balloon. Hours later, her eyes, lips and nose had swelled up and her lips turned blue. Her mom dropped everything and rushed her to the emergency room, where tests revealed that Lindsay is allergic to latex. "We were given a brochure for MedicAlert and told she needs to wear her ID bracelet at all times," her mom says. "It helped us feel more secure about her needs when she's not with us, and enables Lindsay to live a more 'normal' life with her friends."

Kimberly Mitchell

I throw my wrist in the air and shake it. It's my cry for help.

Kimberly Mitchell Toronto, ON
Allergy to Sulfa Drugs

Thirteen years ago, Kim found herself in a hospital emergency room gasping for air. Little did she know at the time she was allergic to the sulfa drugs prescribed to her for a routine condition. As soon as she left the hospital, she became a MedicAlert member. Now it keeps her safe in allergic attacks. "One of the first things I do is make sure people see it," she says. "I throw my wrist in the air and shake it to show I wear a MedicAlert bracelet. It's my cry for help." She's never doubted it's value as a lifeline. "For the minuscule amount of money it costs, I thank MedicAlert every day. It's worth it."

Jamie Mills

I'll never forget their response: 'Don't worry about the cost.'

Jamie Mills Toronto, ON
Type 1 Diabetes

When Jamie was thirteen, he was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. His mother Joanne was overwhelmed - with six children to provide for and her husband out of work, she didn't know how she could afford Jamie's new health expenses. "Who was going to speak for Jamie if he couldn't speak for himself?" she asked. "I took a chance and called MedicAlert. I'll never forget their response: 'Don't worry about the cost, just tell us how big Jamie's wrist is.'" Through our Membership Assistance program, Jamie received free MedicAlert ID and protection. "I know that when I'm not there to speak for Jamie, MedicAlert is."

Joan Voll

It's one less thing for me or my kids to have to worry about.

Joan Voll Kitchener, ON
Drug allergies

Like many retired Canadians Joan Voll and her husband Ray are making the most of their leisure time. They just completed a nine-week social studies course at the Chautauqua Institution in Lake Chautauqua, New York and each year enjoy a winter getaway in Cuba.

Joan has a complicated health history which includes asthma and numerous life-threatening drug allergies. A retired nurse, Joan has witnessed firsthand the importance of taking steps to protect one’s health – steps which include having the safety and security MedicAlert provides.

“MedicAlert has saved my life many times, and I wouldn’t think of leaving the house without my bracelet on my wrist”.

Only recently did Joan find herself short of breath and in need of getting to a hospital. By the time the cab arrived she could barely speak so Joan handed the driver her MedicAlert‚ wallet card. The cab driver immediately radioed Joan’s membership number into the hospital so the doctors would know her health history before she even arrived. Luckily, Joan was able to receive appropriate care, quickly.

“You would think with my health conditions, I would have a fear of traveling, but I don’t,” says Joan. “We travel quite a lot and because people instantly recognize the MedicAlert symbol I feel secure that they will be able to help me in case of an emergency. The phone number on it tells emergency folks all they need to know if I were to collapse. It’s one less thing for me or my kids to have to worry about.”

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